What is the process for accreditation at The European Accreditation Center?

The accreditation procedure is a comprehensive process that involves the evaluation and assessment of an organization, institution, or program to ensure that it meets established industry standards for quality and excellence.


The organization, institution, or program or trainers seeking accreditation conducts a thorough self-assessment, which includes a review of its policies, procedures, facilities, personnel, services, and other vital areas.

The organization, institution,  program, or trainer submits an application for accreditation to the European Accreditation Center, along with supporting documentation and evidence of compliance with industry standards.

The European Accreditation Center conduct an on-site evaluation of the organization, institution, or program seeking accreditation, which may include a review of facilities, interviews with staff and stakeholders, observation of operations, and other assessments as necessary.

Following the on-site evaluation, the European Accreditation Center prepares a report outlining its findings and improvement recommendations, if necessary.

The European Accreditation Center makes a decision regarding the accreditation status of the organization, institution, program or trainer, which may include full accreditation, provisional accreditation, or denial of accreditation.

Accredited organizations, institutions or trainers are typically required to undergo ongoing monitoring and reevaluation to ensure that they continue to meet industry standards for quality and excellence.